Stump Removal Services In Tupelo MS

For stump removal in Tupelo Mississippi put your property into the experienced hands of Tupelo Tree Service. When you have a tree removed the stump is often left behind. Because a stump has a strong and complex root structure, removing the stump is more labor intensive and requires special equipment. If you are having a tree removed understand that the company may neglect to say that the stump will remain – always make sure to inquire about this service.

We have the equipment and the experienced crew available to provide stump removal in Tupelo. Stump removal is nothing new to us and we have been supplying this service to residents in and around Tupelo for years. We know that once a resident requests our tree removal service they will most likely want to have the stump removed as well so we provide the estimate so the consumer knows exactly the cost of the project and what it all entails without any surprises.

Why Wouldn’t You Want To Remove A Stump?

There are a few reasons why folks may decide to not have a stump removed. Some people do not want to incur the added expense of removing a stump and will leave it in place so it can rot away. However, depending on the size of the stump, the type of wood the tree was, and many other factors, this process could take years or even decades before a stump has fully rotted away. Harsh chemicals can be used to speed up this process, but whether or not you would prefer to expose your property to these chemicals is a decision you will have to make.

Another reason that folks decide to leave the stump is for decorative purposes which can add charm to your yard depending on how the rest of the landscape looks.

Stump Grinding In Tupelo MS

Stump grinding is another alternative to those wishing not to spend the money to remove the stump. Stump grinding involves placing a special machine over the stump which then grinds the stump down to just below the surface. After filling the area in with dirt, top soil and grass seed, you will have effectively removed the stump from your yard. The remaining portion of the stump underground will rot away naturally on its own over time.

The amount of time it takes to grind a stump will generally take a few hours to an entire day. Rarely will it exceed one day.

Choosing Tupelo Tree Service for your tree removal and stump removal services means you are investing in quality and a commitment that the job will be completed on time and efficiently. Our emphasis on safety and customer service means the job is not done unless you are completely satisfied. Give us a call to schedule an appointment so we can see and understand the extent of the job you want for your home. After we take a look at the property, we will be able to assess the tree or stump you want removed and provide you with a cost for the work. There will not be any hidden fees or surprise costs – integrity is important to us.

For more information on stump removal in Tupelo MS, contact us at (662) 350-0649.